How to Spot Big Pocket Pairs in NL Texas Hold Em Poker

One of the worst things that can happen to you playing in cash games, SnG’s, multi-table tournaments, or general tournaments is to find yourself up against a large pocket pair. However, playing online at site such as,, or, there are several niches that you can take advantage of to win big. The question is, how do you spot these pockets to be able to double up?

The first thing that you have to consider in order to successfully make a living playing poker is that the biggest and most profitable games are the ones that have more blinds. For example, in cash games, you can only limp in with pocket 8’s, in tournaments you can limp with 16’s, and in multi-table tourneys you can limp with any pocket. A large part of the reason why there are so many pocket pairs is that the lesser known pros are playing a game behind the professionals. The more exposure that a pro gets, the more they are going to have a raise, and the more hands they are going to be in a hand.

If you have a pocket pair, you want to try to see the flop as cheaply as possible. The earlier the flop, the more information you can get from it. The later the flop, the more information you can get, if you are in a hand against several people, on the flop. There is so much situational information available to you on the later part of the game, since usually 30% of the players at a table will fold, and 40% of those will call, creating more profitable situations for you.

You also have to take a look at the people at the table, and make sure you know who one of them is the shooter. If you know the shooter is loose, and everyone checks around to him, he is often going to have a strong hand. However, those who are conservative and respect the poker game, will likely call on a weak hand.

There are also times when you can make a continuation bet (c-bet) on the flop to try and steal the pot. This is even more viable if you have been slowly building a pot on the flop, since typically people tend to give up on weaker hands against you.

Knowing what to do against a pick pocket is huge. These guys in the early stages of the tournaments will not really give you any information as to how strong they are. However, as you get deeper into the tournaments, and continue to play, you will begin to observe a different type of player. The deeper you go into the tournaments, the more you are going to rely on your memory of what to do, rather than your hand strength.

The thing about a pick pocket is that they are very predictable. Because they are predictable, you can often take them to the cleaners. The reason why they are so predictable is because they play almost everything the same from early position. There are a handful of pockets that they try to trick you with, but you know what they are doing. Unfortunately for them, most of their tricks fail.

With the donkey on the table, it is often best to just quit while you are ahead, rather than try to catch an ace on the river. Because, when you see a situation that you know they are going to try and trap you for a big raise, you can counter their raise, and win the pot.

The thing that you want to do is to avoid the situation where the Nas player is too weak to fold and call their own raises. Sometimes when these players go to the flop with a weak hand, they have no idea that their hand is weak. Therefore, even when their hand is weak, they aren’t going to fold. Therefore, you will not be able to take them out of the pot when they are weak and call their bet when they are strong. Therefore, you will be able to win money when they don’t even know that you have their money.

The easiest away to force these players to fold when they caught a really good hand is to make a bet such as three times the big blind or four times the big blind. When you make these bets and they don’t want to fold, most of time they are going to get up and look at their cards. When they do look at their cards, most of time they will still likely call your bet. In this case, you are able to win two ways. First, you will win a great amount of chips by forcing them to fold, but, second, you will get a free card that you can play with later in the hand.